The Post-Moebius Upholders of a Proud French Comic Book Tradition (The Guardian)

In March, Jean "Moebius" Giraud died. This was a sad day for comic readers as Giraud was probably the finest artist ever to work in the medium. He could draw anything, in any style, and his work was always exquisite.
More than that, Giraud possessed a remarkably free imagination. In the 1970s he co-founded Métal Hurlant, an influential French comic magazine. Ostensibly SF, the strips mixed politics, assorted genre tropes, surrealism and stream of consciousness to create a deliriously trippy stew (man). Moebius' own Airtight Garage – which he improvised on a monthly basis – was a bizarre and beautiful tour de force.

China City Stories: an interview with Ra Page (The Dabbler)

Despite its rise China remains an enigma for many in the West. As fiction can provide a way to get under a culture’s skin – the short story doing so in immediate and concentrated fashion – we thought Shi Cheng: Short Stories from Urban China sounded intriguing.